Taishang Laojun turned to Hongyun and said, "Hongyun Daoyou, although this is Guangchengzi's fault, they are all the core disciples of the interpretation religion. If they die, the interpretation religion is equivalent to destroying the religion. Have you ever thought about the consequences?" Hong Yun said indifferently, "I'm not in the mood to think so much. Since the sage of Taiqing doesn't agree, I don't know what the sage of Taiqing thinks about this. I won't let them go so easily. If so, there's nothing to talk about. I can agree, but the human race won't agree!" Hongyun's words made Taishang Laojun, yuanshi Tianzun and Nu Wa all feel hypocritical. They said that they would not agree with the human race. In the final analysis, it was whether he agreed or not. After all, the third ancestor of the human race was Hongyun's disciple. Taishang Laojun shouted angrily, "If Hongyun Daoyou insists on this, aren't you afraid of triggering a war between human beings and immortals?" Taishang Laojun said, but Hongyun began to threaten Hongyun. Hearing this, Hongyun sneered and said, "What about the war between human beings and immortals?"? In those days, the shemale fought against the human race. Are you still afraid of fighting again? As long as the immortal way wants to fight, the human race should try its best to resist,Industrial pallet rack, the human race is not at the mercy of others! Hongyun's answer made Taishang Laojun angry. Taishang Laojun said angrily, "Hongyun, can you afford the consequences of the war between human beings and immortals for the sake of tens of thousands of people?"? How can you be qualified to make such a decision on behalf of the human race if you don't agree with Nu Wa? Taishang Laojun could not bear the anger in his heart at this moment and challenged Hongyun directly. Nu Wa Empress was also dissatisfied with Hongyun's strength, so she snorted coldly and said, "Hongyun Daoyou, I also think Big Brother's words are reasonable. I am also very opposed to your action of forcibly pulling the human race into the battle!" When Hongyun said this, he had no intention that Taishang Laojun and Nu Wa Empress would agree with him. He snorted coldly and said,Drive in racking system, "I don't have the ability to decide the direction of the human race, but the human race itself can. Now the Lord of the human race is the Shang Dynasty. As long as the Shang Dynasty agrees and the temple approves, then the human race can make its own decision. There is no need for the approval of the sage of Taiqing and Nu Wa Empress!" Taishang Laojun and Nu Wa Niangniang did not think that the red cloud would be so crazy to pull the whole human race into the war, perhaps in the past the human race would not agree to such a battle, after all, the battle will kill people, but the crazy move before yuanshi Tianzun has made the human race feel boundless fear, under this pressure, the human race will naturally tend to the red cloud. If the war between human beings and immortals really breaks out, then the Sanqing orthodoxy will completely disappear in the human race, because the human race is the protagonist of heaven and earth, there are three emperors to suppress the human race's luck, plus the three ancestors of the human race and the'Kongtong Seal ', Warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty racking system, which is the treasure of the human nation, it is impossible for the human nation to be destroyed, and once the war between human beings and immortals breaks out, the two saints in the West will naturally not ignore it. With such a good opportunity to expand their influence in the human race, they will not let go. [Chapter 147 of the main text raises disputes again] Chapter 147 Renewed Dispute Things have come to this point, the two sides have no room to ease, after all, whether it is Hongyun or Taishang Laojun, they will speak to death, want to solve this situation that requires external forces. //www.reshuge.com Hot Book Pavilion// And this external force can only be the leader of Tongtian Sect, who let this matter also have the cause and effect of Jiejiao, it is impossible for the leader of Tongtian Sect to stay out of it, Taishang Laojun and yuanshi Tianzun will not let the leader Tongtian Sect go like this. Taishang Laojun secretly said to yuanshi Tianzun and Nu Wa Empress, "Younger Martial Brother yuanshi, you have made a big deal this time. Hongyun seems to be determined to pursue this matter. Although Sister Nu Wa and I can help you block the voice of some human beings, Hongyun has the most precious'Kongtong Seal 'of the human race. If we continue to argue with the third ancestor of the human race, we will be speechless." So I think we should change a way of thinking to consider, this matter has a lot to do with Tongtian Younger Martial Brother, as long as he is dragged in, the pressure of Hongyun on us will be much less. ” Hearing Taishang Laojun's words, yuanshi Tianzun and Nu Wa's eyes suddenly brightened. It was indeed a good idea. They were under the great pressure of the Red Cloud and the human race here, while the Master of Tongtian was sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight. It was too cheap for him. Thinking of this, yuanshi Tianzun and Nu Wa Niangniang looked at each other and agreed with Taishang Laojun's idea. They pulled Tongtian Jiaozhu into the debate and relieved the pressure caused by Hongyun from the side. When a consensus was reached, Taishang Laojun stepped forward and said, "Hongyun Daoyou, if you want to figure things out, you and I can't figure it out. So please come and discuss it with us. I'm sure Hongyun Daoyou won't refuse!" Originally, Hongyun looked down on Master Tongtian's behavior of sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight. Naturally, he would not refuse Taishang Laojun's suggestion. So he nodded and said, "Since the sage of Taiqing said so, the poor way naturally agrees!" At the time of Shijiao's large-scale counterattack, there was no peace in Jiejiao. Both the core disciples and the outside disciples were very nervous, fearing that the Shang Dynasty would fall under the attack of Shijiao. For the school of tension in the master is also very helpless, he is testing the red cloud but didn't think of the result is not ideal, although the red cloud came forward, but that is only counsel, I didn't make a move, so that the situation of the intercept religion has become awkward, the Shang Dynasty has always been protected by the intercept religion, to the time of life and death, intercept religion suddenly stopped, What would the Shang Dynasty think of this? Whether it is war or peace,Pallet rack supplier, this question is entangled with Master Tongtian. The war is bound to lead to a full-scale war between the two religions. Don't say that Taishang Laojun will stand on the side of the interpretation religion, and the interception religion will be badly weakened. If we don't fight, there will be a split within the interception religion itself. It can be said that Master Tongtian can't make up his mind for a while. omracking.com