Original title: How many minutes does it take to drill 1 meter with a drilling rig? YWG series down-the-hole drilling machine is a new type of highly integrated down-the-hole drilling machine independently developed by our company. The machine adopts full hydraulic control, makes full use of the excavator hydraulic system, is highly integrated, convenient and fast, and is widely used in mining, photovoltaic pile foundation and other fields; When used with column splitter, it can greatly improve the working efficiency. This model has the advantages of low comprehensive energy consumption,mining drill bit, high energy utilization rate and high cost performance. It is a wise choice for your down-the-hole operation. 2. Product application: drilling of blasting holes in various rocks and reinforced concrete. Application area: engineering field: earthwork, demolition engineering, road and bridge engineering,dth drilling hammer, tunneling engineering, (non) excavation engineering, water conservancy engineering, etc. Mining field: stone mining (marble, granite, dth rock bit ,Borehole Drill Bits, sandstone, limestone, etc.), metal mining, coal mining, sand mining, etc. 3. Advantages of the product: 1. Wide range of models to choose from a variety of hydraulic rock drills, including 20/45/90/115 and other models of rock drills; 2. Convenient loading and unloading, convenient modification, on-site loading and unloading, convenient and rapid; And 3, the rock drilling speed is fast, a hydraulic rock drill is adopted, the rock drilling speed is fully improved, and the rock drilling velocity on the rock with the hardness of 7.6 degrees And 4, the operation is flexible: the rock drill fully combines the advantages of convenient walking of the excavator, rock drilling speed of the rock drill and the like, and can be suitable for rock drilling operation under complex working conditions. And 5, that dig cost is low: through the transformation of the excavator,dhd drill bit, the excavator has the rock drilling function of the rock drill and does not affect the function of the excavator, and the price is only 1/10 of that of a hydraulic rock drilling jumbo, and is even lower than that of a pneumatic rock drill jumbo. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com