The two of them disliked each other from the bottom of their hearts, but they agreed on the surface. Ok A meal can not change anything, Wu Qingyu is a very talkative person, cheerful and not coy, riveted to create opportunities for Ji Lin and Shao Ye to communicate happily, but unfortunately there is no effect. After seeing Wu Qingyu leave, Shao Ye kept Ji Lin: "Don't go yet. I have something to say to you." "What?" Shao Ye twisted his face and seemed to be a little hard to say: "The video of you dancing tango on the hot search was posted on the Internet by me. I'm sorry for causing you trouble.". Ji Lin quietly raised his eyebrows and said to himself that the captain was quite protective of the cub. But this is a cover up, right? "Wasn't the video taken by Zhou Zixing?" Ji Lin said lightly. Shao Ye was surprised: "How do you know?"? Did the fool tell you? Ji Lin did not answer and asked in reply: "So later those messy hot searches were all bought by you looking for someone?" Shao Ye touched his nose and did not deny: "Otherwise?"? You can't even suppress that hot search. "That's a lot of money." Shao Ye laughed and said, "That must be more than you, a rookie. When I came out, you were still drinking Yili QQ Star at home." Ji Lin was too lazy to talk to him and turned to go. Shao Ye grabbed him, and his tone suddenly became serious: "I sincerely apologize to you. Zhou Zixing's brain is not very good. He often does some stupid things. Don't follow his general knowledge and spread rumors that you are gay." Shao Ye paused and squeezed out a few words: "I'm really sorry." "It doesn't matter, it's not a rumor anyway." Ji Lin said it doesn't matter. …… Uh Shao Ye was stunned and carefully recalled the meaning of Ji Lin's words. "Are you really gay?" Ji Lin is noncommittal,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, just ask: "You still come to apologize for the person designedly?"? That's strange. "He just entered this circle and doesn't know anything. I am the captain of WAS and I have the responsibility to be responsible for every member of the team." Never heard of a high-sounding serious tone, from the mouth of people like Shao Ye, it seems funny and disobedient. In charge of wiping your ass. Ji Lin grinned. It's not your ass you're wiping. Shao Ye tutted, "are you really gay?" Ji Lin looked calm: "What's the matter?" "What a coincidence." Shao Ye smiled, "I'm the same kind as you." The same kind is rare, and what is more rare is the same kind like Ji Lin. The surface is rigid and serious,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, people are meticulous, and there is no trace of the same kind of breath. Shao Ye has discovered a new continent today. Go Shao Ye hooked his finger on the key ring of the car and shook it. Ji Lin frowned. "What for?" "Since it's the same kind, of course we need to get to know each other in depth and go to play together." "I'm going back to sleep." Ji Lin flatly refused and turned away. Hey, why are you so boring? Shao Ye pulled him, "finally I don't like you so much." "I'm sorry, I still don't like you." When Shao Ye saw that he was like a smelly stone, he couldn't say anything, so he leaned close to his ear and asked, "Haven't you been in love yet?" Ji Lin looked unhappy and said to himself, Kava Root Extract ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "It's none of your business whether I fall in love or not.". Shao Ye continued to provoke him: "Look at you like this, certainly not seriously like any man, right?" Ji Lin was distracted for a second, and Wen Yu's face appeared in front of his eyes, and the loneliness in his eyes flashed by. Shao Ye put his arm around his neck and tried his best to bewitch Ji Lin, who had never experienced the world: "Don't you want to see how we" this kind of people "fall in love? Maybe you can meet some kind of affair. Like people other than Wen Yu? How would it feel? He never experienced it, because he never stopped liking that person. Can you stop it? Ji Lin felt his heart twitch violently, like a sharp blade making a small cut in the apex of his heart, stinging and painful. Shao Ye noticed that Ji Lin's face was not right and asked hesitantly, "You.." What's the matter? Ji Lin took a short breath and said calmly, "Let's go." "Go.." "Where?" "Where the same kind go." Chapter 20 Shao Ye is mystifying and mysterious. In fact, he led Ji Lin to a senior gay bar who needed a membership card to get in. The two men took off their masks when they entered the door. Shao Ye handed the mask to the waiter and said to Ji Lin, "Don't worry, this place is not allowed to bring cameras or take pictures, and the waiter will not reveal the identity information of the guests to the outside world." Ji Lin said, "Well," and under the guidance of the waiter, he went inside with Shao Ye. The light in the bar was dim, and there were not many people sitting at the table in twos and threes. The wine table is a charming geometric shape, irregularly pieced together, unique in shape, and the glass table top refracts soft light from different directions under the light. This kind of decoration is very useful for Ji Lin, a science student. Those geometrically shaped wine tables are pleasing to the eye. The taste of the bar owner is very stylish. Ji Lin found many elegant oil paintings hanging on the walls. There is a grand piano in the center of the bar. The pianist in dress is playing the piano with his eyes closed. His posture is elegant and quiet. As soon as Shao Ye sat down, the bartender greeted him softly: "Long time no see, big star." "Long time no see." Shao Ye's smile is charming, and there is no star's high shelf at all. Oh The bartender glanced at Ji Lin with a meaningful smile. "Someone?" "Or Ji Lin?" The bartender lowered his voice and raised his coda. How is that possible. Shao Ye chuckled, "that fan must not be crazy." "Yes, too." The bartender smiled softly at Ji Lin. "Hello, Ji Lin." Ji Lin was caught off guard and choked. He glanced up at him and answered dryly, "Hello." "Ji Linlin" is a name he has only heard in the mouth of fans, although strange and disgusting, but fans like it,Quillaja Saponin, he also feels that it is indispensable. You're not a fan of his, are you? Shao Ye raised his chin proudly and asked the bartender. Yes, I like Ji Lin very much. The bartender put his chin on his hands and stared at Ji Lin with a smile. "What a good day today." Ji Lin sat up uncomfortably. The bartender stopped and went on with his work. "What would you like to drink?" He asked with a smile? Is Shao Daxing still the same? 。