Chao Tianming in the class had been subdued by me, and he was afraid that I didn't like to be seen and went to the door to drive those people away. What are you looking at? Brother Wen, did you look at it casually? Do you know who he is? Killer Wen, a famous elder brother in the city, used to be the leader of Shuangjingzi Township. Don't look at it. Be careful that brother Wen gets angry and punishes you! "Chao Tianming, don't drive them away." Seeing Chao Tianming driving away my fans like this, I was a little unhappy. Walking to the door, I smiled at the students, "I'm sorry, my friend's words are not good, you don't put it in your heart." After listening to my words, many students showed joy in their eyes. They greeted me warmly and asked me what the name of the song was yesterday. Surrounded by them, I feel very comfortable. This feeling is soft and intimate, which can not be experienced outside. So I answered every student's question with a smile. I know that no one will call me non-mainstream anymore. Respect doesn't have to be earned by fists. While talking to the students, a girl with dyed yellow hair came up with a group of people. And there is a familiar face beside her, An Xiaohui. When I came over, the yellow-haired girl looked at me and said, "Are you Li Siwen?" "Who are you?" I thought she looked familiar, but I couldn't name her. Thirteen little, Ding Xue. I like you, and you can be with me in the future. PS: Next one more three o'clock. Reading, a better reading experience. Chapter 192 a scholar meets a soldier. One second to remember [Book Reading ÷ House], to provide you with wonderful reading. Thirteen little is the biggest force in the school, and the famous eldest brother in the school is thirteen little. I never dreamed that Ding Xue, who was thirteen years old, would take a fancy to me. Also, she was overbearing and asked me to be her boyfriend. Really? Am I being kept by her? Looking at Ding Xue in front of me, I found that she looked pretty good. It's already autumn. But she still wears thin stockings, and her long legs look particularly attractive. She wore an autumn school uniform with a lot of beautiful cartoon patterns on it. The clothes are bulging, and you can see that the development is very good. If I go to a hotel with her for a night, I think her two long legs will take away all my savings. The students around her were surprised when she said she wanted me to be her boyfriend. Many girls retreated timidly, and many boys looked at her with fear. Someone whispered, "Xue Jie and Li Siwen are together, and no one will dare to provoke Li Siwen in the future." After listening to their words, Ding Xueqiao's melon seed face was somewhat proud. Then she smiled and said to me, "Well?"? You must be very happy that I let you be my boyfriend, right? I didn't think I could have a girlfriend even if I sang a song at school. And it's so simple. More importantly, Ding Xue is thirteen less people, she also has a lot of influence in the third year of high school. If we are together, Steel racking system , I believe she will be able to serve me very well. I will certainly have one more helper in the school. On my own, I still can't beat the thirteen big brothers. I broke up with Su Han, and I'm just a little bored now. But I just smiled and said, "No, I'm not happy.". Baidu Search [Book Reading House] "" "Why?" Ding Xue's face changed. Su Han left me because I was not good to her, and she never found anyone else after she broke up with me. I didn't treat her well, and I always felt sorry for her in my heart. Smiling, I said to Ding Xue, "I have someone I like, Su Han." Su Han and Ding Xue are both thirteen young brothers. They are also the only two girls among the thirteen eldest brothers. Su Han's brother is Hongtao, and Ding Xue's family seems to be from the Municipal Finance Bureau. Being refuted by me in public, Ding Xue's face became even more ugly. She pointed at me and said to me, "Li Siwen, it is your good fortune that Miss Ben likes you.". What are you. How dare you dislike me!? I don't dare to dislike you, I just don't think I deserve you. Miss Ding, we are really not suitable. I didn't want to cause trouble, so I spoke very politely. Ha ha, you wait, this young lady sooner or later one day calls you to regret! Ignoring my explanation, Ding Xue gave me a hard look and turned away. Ding Xue just left, and an Xiaohui beside her smiled and curled her lips at me, "It's really single-minded.". " After listening to Ann Xiaohui's words. I can guess with my fingers that she found an enemy for me. She calculated that I would not agree to Ding Xue's request, and she knew that Ding Xue and I would be enemies. Seeing this woman give me trouble again and again, I thought about it and couldn't help asking her, "An Xiaohui, did you gossip behind my back before?" "What do you mean?" An Xiaohui asked me. Hehe, are you talking about me and Cui's real gossip behind my back? Is that you? Who else would have the guts? Looking at me in surprise, Ann Xiaohui's lips moved gently. Then, Ann Xiaohui said to me with a smile, "You guessed right.". But no prize. It's me. I made you break up with Su Han. If you don't hand over Han Zi that street, I will try every means to play with you. Seeing that Ann Xiaohui admitted it, my heart became more angry. That's right! At that time, I guessed that someone was dealing with me, and I also thought that it was An Xiaohui. She used Su Han to disturb my life, and took Xiaobai to rob my Hanzi outside the new food generation. Had it not been for Xie Baozi's fear of death, the territory we desperately seized would have been taken away by her. This girl is a little bitchy. When Ann Xiaohui turned to go, I suddenly stopped her. An Xiaohui! 'What's The matter? Is there a problem again? An Xiaohui turned to look at me with a smile. An Xiaohui, I want to *** you! Clenching my teeth, I looked at Ann Xiaohui with a smile. For a moment, I clearly saw an Xiaohui's face change dramatically. And as the biggest force, a member of the seven dragons and six phoenixes, how could An Xiaohui be so insulted? There are many students around me, and those students laughed when they heard my words. People are different when they become the mainstream, and now they don't care if I say such vulgar words. Instead, they whispered, "Li Siwen is so humorous that he said such direct words." 。